Oxford plans reform confidence vote – the wrong decision

Oxford University academics have called for the prestigious institution to pass a symbolic vote of no confidence in the Government‘s higher education reforms.

A no confidence motion is likely to be debated by Oxford’s “congregation” next month.

Around 175 academics have added their support to the motion, which is spearheaded by the Oxford University Campaign for Higher Education.

The campaign group wants Oxford to “stand up and speak out” over budget cuts and to “communicate to Government that the University of Oxford has no confidence in the policies of the minister for higher education”.

The motion is likely to be heard and a vote taken at the next meeting of the congregation on June 7. Congregation, Oxford’s equivalent of a parliament, is made up of around 4,000 academics and senior staff.

Oxford Union president David Barclay told BBC News online that he was “delighted that we are finally seeing a university taking a stand against the Government’s dangerous and rapidly unravelling plans for higher education”.

He later told the Press Association that it was hoped the motion would put pressure on the Government to reconsider its plans. “Just before the White Paper is the perfect time to say think again,” he said, adding that the Government had failed to convince students and academics of the plans.

The motion follows a no confidence vote taken recently by the Royal College of Nursing in Andrew Lansley‘s management of NHS reforms.

The announcement comes a week after ministers were forced to deny accusations that the Government is considering plans which would allow wealthy students to “buy” university places.

The Government is due to publish a White Paper this summer setting out its plans for a more market-led university sector.

See story @ http://www.bearsdenherald.co.uk/news/oxford_plans_reform_confidence_vote_1_1628935


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