This Roiting Mess

I’ve been asked to describe the UK now, as opposed to six months ago, when I was last home.
The country is a little fragile right now, there has been several incidents of murder recently and crime seems to be on a high.  The police and government are being very strict with these offenders though it’s about time we started to crack down of these people. I still believe the police should have real fire arms as I saw everyday in the states. (Another issue I’ll deal with later.)
Additionally, the London stock market fell below the crucial 5000 mark on the worse day of trading for three years. It’s strange though the housing market is predicated to boom in the next 4 years.
I can’t understand it.
Times couldn’t be more perplexing.  I predict more chaos in the next few months.
The gap is growing.  Is this where the US is headed?

Financing Freedom

San antonio riverwalk

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Gustavo Lasala, MBA ’04 created a credit-scoring system that transformed an industry. His work is helping overlooked borrowers realize their dreams—one microloan at a time.

By Dashka Slater
Photographs by Ryan Heffernan

Gustavo Lasala

Lasala at an in-store branch of California-based Progreso Financiero, where he is director of retail operations.

Sitting in the offices of Acción Texas, a San Antonio–based microlender, Noelia Gutierrez posed a familiar problem: She had a nice face, a good story and a lousy credit history. The daughter of migrant field workers, she’d come to the United States with her family at age 4 and had spent her childhood alternating between school during the week and work on the weekends, sometimes laboring in the fields, sometimes selling tamales with her mother. At 14, under the tutelage of a neighbor who was a notary public, she began helping other farmworkers with their tax returns, hoping to build the skills to have a different kind of life than the one her parents led. Now, she was hoping for a $2,000 loan so she could buy a computer for her expanding business, Electronic Tax Refund.

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Partnership Gives Faculty Access to Retail Data

Two research centers at McCombs have formed a partnership with the Center for Advancing Retail Technologies (CART), which will provide access to data about retail technologies, consumer behaviors and other areas of study to faculty and students for research purposes.

Through this relationship, faculty in the McCombs School’s Center for Customer Insight and Marketing Solutions (CCIMS) and Supply Chain Management Center of Excellence (SCMC) will have access to a data warehouse maintained by CART. The Syracuse, N.Y.–based CART is affiliated with a retail grocery store in Syracuse that also is a source for technology companies to test emerging retail technologies and for consumer packaged goods companies to test in-store consumer reaction to displays, packaging, adjacencies, etc.

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